What do we necessitate?


Your contribution will be used to cover a specific and concrete area in our project. You can choose whether you want to support the dining room and/or the health assistance.

We will keep you permanently informed about the daily growth of our project.

Your help, even if it might seem small to you, is a real compromise to each one of these children. These families, thanks to you, are starting to progress once more and regain their dignity through community-based work.

How can you donate?

Of our highest consideration:

We are an NGO called Alimentar enseñando from the party of General Rodriguez, we have been helping during7 ½ years indigent families of the the area. For this, we firstly implemented in the institution a community dining room, hot showers, primary and secondary school support for mothers, computers, and a first aid room with dental cabinet included.

As time passed we saw that the problem of malnutrition should be separate from the economics and ignorance of the cuisine by the young mothers, so we implemented a teaching program in conjunction with nutritionists. It is simple and cheap to run in the community dining room of the children pre school, we chose this area because we found that it is in those places where we can meet more easily the local moms.

Also and following, we began to implement five community enterprises such as: Manufacture and sale of churros, Manufacture of sandals, Manufacture of wooden crates for vegetables, a sewing workshop and the creation of our own FM station for the purpose of imparting knowledge information and good music through the ether to all inhabitants of the party to change the message of aggression and frustration that is often sent by commercial radio.

Today we are serving more than three hundred families distributed in twelve dining rooms within the party and some others that come directly from their living place where there is no community canteen of any kind.

But unfortunately we have seen in recent times another show of the scourge of hunger and malnutrition, so that when we overcome our reserves we see that we need to ask your help, to hire, professionals such as social workers, nutritionists, dentists, to meet with maintenance expenses, to buy fresh food, to buy some missing equipment, buy an utilitary vehicle in order to meet the different functions and ambulance transportation for mothers and their children.

Well we hope you understand our need for the compliments and we stay are at your disposal.

Currently this project is supported almost entirely by the effort and the goodwill of a few neighbors, without whose support we would not have made this work possible.

But increasing the number of people assisted, as well as the incorporation of more specific needs, related to job creation project, we are consuming a greater investment of resources which made it very difficult to respond efficiently to each of these areas.

For this reason, we need your immediate help to meet with the most urgent. Only this way we can achieve our goal: social and professional reintegration of families in our community.

Resources / Interaction

Our project is possible thanks to the effort and support of a group of neighbors, whose only objective is to promote the development of the families in our community.

Financial resources

70% > Donations given by our neighbors.

30% > Donations given by businesses.

Material resources

60% > Our own Resources:

    initial patrimony (infrastructure, etc.)
    orchard and farm produce

40% > Donations from private businesses.

Human resources

85% > Volunteers.

15% > Employees with a salary.

The following are the organization which interact with us:

ARG Group

Asociación de Empleados de Wall Mart (Comité de Ayuda para la Comunidad)

Banco de Alimentos

Caritas de Argentina

Fundación "Padre Luis Farinello"

Fundación del Diario La Nación

Fundación Telefónica

Gas Natural Ban

HVSF (Hungarian Volunteer Sending Foundation)

La Serenísima - Danone

Marcos Schmukler

Ministerio de Desarrollo Social de la Nación

Ministerio de Educación de la Nación

Ministerio de Salud de la Nación

Ministerio de Desarrollo Humano de la Provincia de Buenos Aires


Nidera S.A.

Red Solidaria

Refinería de Mais

Repsol YPF (YPF GAS)

It is very important for us to interact with schools and preschools in the area so we can find joint solutions to various problems for children in our community and their families who are suffering.

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