Our Vision – Mission - Goals

To generate real work sources, that will not only satisfy the families’ basic needs, but that will also strengthen their working capacity, by acquiring and promoting solidarity values, mutual help and a community sense.

According to the needs that were appreciated, we started to provide different services, to help children first and the whole family group later on.

Our activities can be divided in two main areas, which in turn are subdivided in different categories:

Attendance services

 Feeding and nourishing 
 Hygiene, Cleanliness and Personal Care 
 School coaching 

Personal growth and improvement services

 Community Farm and Organic Orchard 
 Nutrition and Cooking Lessons 
 Sewing, Knitting, Painting and Baking Workshops

Our objective is mainly to improve attending services for children, the mostly affected group, on one hand and on the other hand we expect to go on widening personal growth activities for parents so that, in the medium run, a large number of families will be able to self-support themselves and to create their own work sources.

To feed, teach, strengthen and support low income families, and contribute to restore their dignity:

 Seeing to basic needs of children and adults in the first place;

 Teaching them to generate their own income and support sources through work, and creating community enterprises at the same time.

 To help low income families with their basic needs but teaching them that what they receive is gained through their compromise and work for the organization.

 To improve nutrition and health quality of children, which is essential for their physical and intellectual development.

 To strengthen families, by providing basic knowledge about nutrition, hygiene, personal care, as well as training in skills for jobs, sports, recreational activities, reflection activities, so that each person can reach an integrated growth as an individual, family and community member.

 To teach all the families to work in a community organic orchard and farm, which would allow them to generate their own basic needs, to find a place in the work force and to improve the quality of their lives. 
 To foster a sense of responsibility, solidarity, compromise, team and self working conscience and an ambition for improving through work

 To transmit to new families the hope of being restored into society, through concrete actions and results that can be appreciated at a short or medium term.

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