About us

We are an NGO called Alimentar Enseñando, a civil non profit association located in General Rodriguez, in the party of the province of Buenos Aires.

Our association has over seven years and is still growing, thanks for the help of several people and organizations. To learn more about our Place, come and see and look at the pictures with the kids and teachers of the association.

If you want, you can come closer, check our vision, mission and goals to see more clearly our major objectives.

You can also learn more about our association’s history, as the idea was to start a social work with people of the neighborhood, the association has grown during these seven years thanks to the members of the Alimentar Enseñando’s Administration.

Also you can access to various official documents about the NGO, the Appendixes of Alimentar Enseñando are online to facilitate the transparency of the work and enable trust between the various actors of the NGO.

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