The first class room is now ready for action!!!

On the 18 April 2008 we inaugurated the first classroom which was constructed with the donation of funds from people with a lot of heart. 

A year ago Rick and Nancy arrived at our institution to carry out voluntary work, and we were greatly but pleasantly surprised to find out that they were teachers in their home country, England. Thus, when we let them know about our Educational Project they understood precisely and immediately set to work on it. 

The project aims to work with children and teenagers from the early stages, offering them stimulation through play, school support and even a monitoring of their progress as a student. 

The effectiveness with which all this could be developed was hindered given that we didn’t have a physical space specifically devoted to work with children within our institution since our buildings were being used to their capacity. Therefore the search began for funds to construct three classrooms, and it was then that Rick and Nancy took the lead in this crusade, returning to England in the winter of 2007 (their summer) to seek people with supportive hearts, who would understand the importance and the scope of the Project. The search bore fruit and by the end of the English summer the funds had been raised to build the first classroom on which work started in December 2007, and after overcoming various obstacles we are finally pleased to announce the inauguration of this classroom which was carried out today the 18th of April and which carries the names of Rick and Nancy. 

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