Unser Bedarf an Aerztlicher Hilfe

Due to lack of resources, Alimentar Enseñando can not engage the services of health professionals. Now, the existing service consist in a first aid room with a nurse practitioner to help with everyday problems and first aid. But this service is very basic and insufficient for the current situation of the families that assist to the community canteen.

Therefore, additional services are needed to improve the quality of life of the people in the association. We also want to solve many problems of communication with a professional social worker that could interview people with family or social problem and seek solutions together with the concerned people.

We need to help the mothers and children to eat better and more balanced with the support of a dietitian who can bring solutions and allowing children to have a healthier diet for the growth of body and brain.

Also, you need a professional pediatrician to study the behavior, level of development, the possibilities of delay and evaluating the balance of the children.

A medical professional is necessary, but unfortunately, due to lack of resources we can not, yet, hire a doctor.

A dentist is also necessary because we have the dental office and this makes for good digestion.

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